Emcotec Optotronix FireFly LCU Light control LED OPT1050


Emcotec Optotronix FireFly LCU Light control LED OPT1050
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EMCOTEC Optotronix FireFly LCU - Product description
The new controller electronics FireFly LCU offers numerous features for a samll price.
With dimensions of only 16 x 40mm (0.63 x 1.57in) and a weight of just 9g (0.32oz) the entry level module offers the following features already known from the Aurora LCU (item no. OPT2000).
4 programmable outputs with output power of up to 1.4A each.
With only 9g (0.32oz) the FireFly LCU is really lightweight. Due to the power supply via receiver the R/C lighting can be realized with very low weight.
Easy to use
An easy to use pushbutton as well as 5 status LEDs ensure fast and direct operating.
Flexible and intelligent
Activation point and function can be programmed for each output easily with one keystroke.
Furthermore the FireFly LCU matches with the used transmitter. So programming effort will be reduced.
Enormous lighting functions
Also the entry level lighting module offers numerous flashing sequences. For each output the desired starting point of flashing can be selected in three steps separately.
6 different flashing sequences, three different starting points selectable. 1 beacon effect (for simulating rotating beacon on small sized models).
Stand alone
On keypress standalone mode can be selected - the chosen outputs stay aktive even without receiver signal. Perfectly suitable for fairs.
Battery monitoring
On keypress the charging status of the battery can be requested in six steps. On critical battery voltage an alert is given and FireFly LCU stops operating.
If battery is not separated from the electronic module operation will be interrupted automatically.
Easy installation
Available accessories are Aurora Plug (item no. OPT2010)
a plugbar with coldplated contacts which simplifies soldering of the lighting as well as Aurora Carrier (item no OPT2020) for convenient installation inside the model.

Optotronix FireFly LCU - Specifications
Max. current / outputs
1.5A (2.5A flash operating)
Operating voltage
Supply via receiver (3.1V - 8.4V)
Flashing sequences
Beacon effects
Afterburner effects
Stand alone operating
Servo pulse booster
Galvanic isolation
40 x 16mm (0.63 x 1.57in)
9g (0.32oz)


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