Graupner Electric motor MICRO T 05 6V, nr. 1724

Envelop Speciaal voor de Gearbox serie 1726.??? micromotors

Graupner Electric motor MICRO T 05  6V, nr. 1724
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Product information
The electric motors MICRO T 03 and T 05 occupy a special position amont electric motors.
They are manufactured with uncommon precision.
As DC motors they have been designed for particularly low spin-up voltages; they attain extraordinary high efficiencies.

Operating voltage 6 V
No-load current drain 10 mA
Max. current drain 0,16 A
No-load rpm 17000 min-1
Efficiency excl. gearbox 60%
Weight approx. 12 g
Diameter 15 mm
Length of case, excl. shaft 16 mm
Free shaft length Pignon Shaft diameter Pinion pressed-on, 9 teeth, 2.5 diam. 2.1 lg. 2 mm
Gear ratio emboîtable clip-on
* short-time


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