Graupner Brushless COMPACT 300Z 11,1 V nr. 7735


Graupner Brushless COMPACT 300Z 11,1 V  nr. 7735
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Fabrikant Graupner
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Aanbevolen Prop:
10 x 6" (2 Li), 9 x 5" (3 Li)
Vlieggewicht 300-400gram
Controller +/-15-18A

Op voorraad
Graupner Brushless COMPACT 300Z 11,1 V  nr. 7735

Nominal voltage: 11.1 V
Operating voltage range: 7.2 ... 12 V
No-load speed: 10,300
Revs / Volt: 930     omw/volt
Number of winds: 13
Current drain at max. efficiency: 6 ... 10 A
Maximum efficiency: 78%
Permissible motor rotation: R and L
Number of poles: 14
Overall length approx. 42 mm
Case length excl. shaft approx. 30 mm
Diameter approx. 29 mm
Free shaft length approx. 12 mm
Shaft diameter: 3.17 mm
Weight approx. 57 g
Recommended propellers: 10 x 6" (2 Li), 9 x 5" (3 Li)
All-up weight approx. 300 g
Recommended speed controllers: COMPACT CONTROL 18 Order No. 7184, COMPACT CONTROL 10 Order No. 2873

Product information
The popular series of Graupner COMPACT motors has now been considerably expanded with the introduction of a number of new types.
Several motors are now available for the larger, higher-performance models weighing up to 10,000 g.
Matching these motors are the high-performance COMPACT-CONTROL controller types (see page ) and carefully matched LiPobattery packs (see page ).
The small motor types with the "Z" suffix are an excellent choice as COMPACT power plants for small Depron® models; they are available at very reasonable prices.
The motors in this series are supplied complete with comprehensive accessories including propeller hub, motor mount and gold-plated connectors with heat-shrink sleeves.
The motor types with the "VA"suffix are specially designed for the new variable-pitch propeller, Order No. 1382.
These power plants feature a tubular shaft through which the propeller pitch can be varied proportionally by means of a servo-operated pushrod.
The motor types with the "SP" suffix are fitted with an integral precision spinner for models such as the Graupner HYDROPLANE 3D;
they represent a very attractive, low-cost power system for these models.The new COMPACT motors of the 540 to 630 sizes round off the top end of this range of motors.
The 630 motors constitute excellent power systems for models such as the TAXI 2400 and EDGE F3A 2x2.

Calculating the motor power :
- For an aerobatic model an input power of around 1 W per 3.5 g model weight is required.
- For a sports model, e.g. PIPER around 1 W per 6 g model weight is required.
- For a powered glider a power of 1 W per 8 g model weight is required.
The approximate input power can be calculated fromthe formula: input voltage x input current. This calculation automatically takes into account an efficiency of around 80%. The formula only applies if an accurately matched propeller is used. Please note that a LiPo cell still produces a voltage of around 3.3 V under load. The required input power for a model is calculated as follows: P = all-up weight per 1 W power. The maximumall-up weight for a BRUSHLESS motor is calculated as follows: Max. all-up weight = input voltage x input current x weight per 1 W power. Example: COMPACT CONTROL 630 30 V, Order No. 7723, powered by 10 LiPo cells of 4.8 Ah capacity. The continuous current (for an aerobatic demonstration model) is to be around 60 A. Max. all-up weight = 33 V x 60 A x 3.5 g / W = 7 kg.


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