Graupner C-131 micro 11mm 0,04s 0,7kg nr. 7121

Pakket Supersnelle indoor Slowfly servo, kan in bubble zonder doosje

Graupner C-131 micro 11mm 0,04s 0,7kg  nr. 7121
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Fabrikant Graupner
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Op voorraad
High-speed PICO-servo of minute dimensions, weighing around 6g.
The servo is suitable for use in slow-fly models, HLG gliders, mini and micro-models of all kinds.
Dual-finger potentiometer wiper, sub-miniature hybrid single-chip SMT electronics and a proven electric motor -
these are the distinctive features of this high-speed PICO-servo.

Operating voltage: 4.8 ... 6 V
Torque 6.0V approx. 7 Ncm
Transit speed approx. 0.04 s / 40°
Dimensions*** (L x W x H) approx. 20 x 11 x 21 mm
Weight approx. 6 g
Bearings* PB
Gearbox** PG
* PB --> Plain Bearing --> Gleitlager
BB --> Ball Bearing --> Kugellager
** PG --> Plastic Gearing --> Kunststoffgetriebe
PGCA --> Plastic Gearing Carbonite --> Kunststoffgetriebe Carbonit
MG --> Metal Gearing --> Metallgetriebe
*** Rounded up to 0.5 mm


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