Graupner DES 261 BB Micro 11mm 0,1s 4kg nr. 7903

Envelop Supersterke Micro servo digital. programmeerbaar.

Graupner DES 261 BB Micro 11mm 0,1s 4kg nr. 7903
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Fabrikant Graupner
Perfect voor 1,2-1,5m modellen
Op voorraad
Especially well suited for indoor model aircraft and park fliers.
  • Dimensions of the mounts in relation to drive mechanism are the same as for Servo C261
  • Smallest dimensions
  • Absolutely low weight
  • Parameters can be set using PC software
  • Ball bearings
  • Carbonite drive mechanism

DES-Servos (Digital-Eco-Servo) A new product range from the digital servo segment.
The DES-servos represent a product line that delivers the right servo with the widest range of specifications for neary every area of application.
Different sizes, drive mechanisms, adjustment powers and adjustment times with designs for everyone, ranging from beginners to competitive pilots.
In part, completely sealed variants (housing screws, housing parts, and drive gear wheel) increase the operational reliability of the models.
Servos with twin-ballraced precision drive mechanisms of metal and aluminium guarantee the most precise adjustments.
High-quality Atmel microcontrollers are used to process the control signals and position the servos.

Stellmoment 4,8V ca.: 17 N/cm
Stellzeit 4,8V ca.: 0,125 Sek/40°
Haltemoment 6,0V ca.: 40 N/cm
Stromaufnahme max. bei 4,8V ca.: 360 mA
Stellzeit 6,0V ca.: 0,1 Sek/40°
Gewicht ca.: 8 g
Drehbereich mit Trimmung ca.: 2 x 45 °
Leerstromaufnahme ca.: 5 mA
Stellmoment 6,0V ca.: 20 N/cm
Stromaufnahme max. bei 6,0V ca.: 450 mA
Abmessungen ca.: 21,5 x 11 x 21 mm
Haltemoment 4,8V ca.: 34 N/cm
Lagerung: Lager bb
Getriebe: Getriebe cg
Betriebsspannung: 4,8 ... 6,0 V
Neutralimpuls: 1,5 ms
Max. Ansteuerfrequenz: 3,0 / 333 ms / Hz


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