FrSky FAS40S Smartport Amp Sensor


FrSky FAS40S Smartport Amp Sensor
FrSky FAS40S Smartport Amp Sensor
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Fabrikant FRSKY
The FrSky Ampere Sensor is used to measure Current (A), Power Consumption (mAH), Power (W) and Voltage (V) when it is connected between a Battery and ESC.
This is the new Smartport version that works with the new X series of receivers.  
Smartport sensors connect in a daisy chain without the need for the analog Sensor Hub.  
It is not backward compatible with the older series receivers.
The sensor come standard with XT60 connectors.

Please note that this sensor also meaures overall pack voltage whereas the FLVSS meaures pack voltage and individual LIPO cell voltage.

Each type of FrSky Smart Port enabled sensor has its unique physical ID.
The default physical ID for this sensor is 03.
The ID number can be changed with the FrSky Servo Channel Changer.

Dimension: 61.2×16.7×13.2mm
Weight: 17g
Measurement range: 0~40A
Current consumption: 25mA@5V
Maximum safe current: 40A
Maximum battery voltage: 6S

1 x FrSky 40A Smart Port sensor
1 x Smart Port connector cable


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