Draaibare kabeldoorvoer eindeloos 6 polig 2A

Envelop Capsule slip ring connector 12mm 6 circuits *2A

Draaibare kabeldoorvoer eindeloos 6 polig  2A
Draaibare kabeldoorvoer eindeloos 6 polig  2A
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(Capsule slip Ring) Series
Mastering the key technique of design and manufacture,holding independence the intellectual property
Suffice the un-limit revolving video and the digital signals transmission of 360 degree completely
The integrated produce standard may meet the demand of client
Longstanding using life
Can be customised for Customer need the produce

Electrical Data:
INDUS12-6 Capsule slip ring Specifications
Contact Material    Gold alloy brush,Gold plated rings
Current Rating  2A, per ring, maximum
Number of Circuits      6
Operating Speed   250 rpm* continuous
Housing Material   Engineering Plastics
Lead Wire  UL Teflon® Awg28,color-coded, silver-plated
Lead Lengths   250mm
Voltage  210 VDC / 240 VAC
Operating Temp -40°C to 80°C
Torque  Approx. ≤0.35 g·m (for reference )
Dielectric Strength  ≥600V@50Hz between each circuit
Insulation Resistance   600MΩ@ 300VDC
Noise    15 milliohms maximum tested @ 6 VDC, 40 milliamps when running @ 5 - 15 rpm
Resistance to pull   Radial 2KG,Axial 0.5KG
Protection  IP51

6 circuits
Compact size:  12mm(diamter)
Gold-on-gold contacts
Compatible with data bus protocols
Transfers analog and digital signals
Speeds up to 250 rpm continuous
Precision ball bearings meet or exceed life requirements for most commercial applications
Smooth running
Low torque
Compact dimemsions
Quick shippments
Lead Wire Color Code

Circuit No.        1        2        3        4        5        5
Color                BLK        BRN        RED        ORN        YEL        GRN
Circuit No.        7        8        9        10        11        12
Color                BLU        PURPLE,GRY        WHT        RMK        AZURY
6 circuits/per group, groups with tags

Part No.        Circuits        Voltage                Current        Size (mm)        Operational
                                               ODxL                Speed
INDUS12-5        6        240 VAC/DC        2A        12 X 14                0-250rpm


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