Futaba Reciever R3001SB 2,4 GHz, T-FHSS 18 channel


Futaba Reciever R3001SB 2,4 GHz, T-FHSS 18 channel
Futaba Reciever R3001SB 2,4 GHz, T-FHSS 18 channel
Futaba Reciever R3001SB 2,4 GHz, T-FHSS 18 channel
Futaba Reciever R3001SB 2,4 GHz, T-FHSS 18 channel
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Fabrikant FUTABA
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Technische Daten
Categorie                18-kanaals ontvanger
Gewicht                        4.2 g
Voedingsspanning        4.8 - 8.4 V
Breedte                        21.1 mm
Fabrikantnr.                P-R3001SB
Frequentie                2,4 GHz
Hoogte                        5.3 mm
Lengte                        41.8 mm
Max. voedingsspanning        8.4 V
Min. voedingsspanning        4.8 V

Futaba R3001SB T-FHSS SBus Full Range Drone Receiver

This is the Futaba 2.4GHz R3001SB 2-Port T-FHSS S.Bus Telemetry Receiver.

The Futaba R3001SB is a dedicated S.Bus receiver with built-in T-FHSS telemetry making it especially suited to use on multirotor/drone models.
The single S.BUS/S.BUS2 wire can connect to most of the popular flight controllers reducing the amount of connections needed for a lighter, simpler, more reliable and cleaner installation.
Stripped back to essentials the R3001SB weighs in at only 4.2g thanks to its compact dimensions and heat shrink case.
Don't let the compact size fool you as the R3001SB is capable of the same full range you as any other T-FHSS receiver thanks to the dual diversity antennas.

The R3001SB isn't limited to just drones as the compact form factor lends itself to many other models
(such as helicopter and aircraft) where a compact and neat installation is required taking advantage of Fuaba's S.BUS technology.

• Secure link using Futaba's T-FHSS system
• Telemetry capability
• Lightweight (4.2g) and compact design
• Easy bind using bind button
• Easy connection to popular control boards

T-FHSS 2.4GHz receiver for aircraft
Standard PWM (CH3)/S.Bus port and an S.Bus-2 port for telemetry
sensors and other devices requiring S.Bus setup such as specific
gyros and servos
Channel Mode Settings; Mode A Mode B
3/S.Bus CH3 S.Bus
Dual antenna diversity
High voltage
Battery failsafe

R3001SB 2-Port T-FHSS S.Bus Telemetry Receiver
Instruction Sheet

Dimensions: 0.83 x 1.65 x 0.21" (21.1 x 41.8 x 5.3mm)
Weight: 0.15oz (4.2g)
Power Requirement: 4.8-7.4V
Battery FS Voltage: Sets from transmitter

S.Bus/S.Bus2 Port: The R3001SB can be used with up to 18 channels.
However, it differs according to the transmitter. An unused channel
is a neutral signal. The F/S setting channel at F/S/ is F/S/
position. Another, it is a hold signal.


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