Eagle Tree datarecorder 10Hz GPS-Sensor V4


Eagle Tree datarecorder 10Hz GPS-Sensor V4
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10Hz GPS-Sensor V4
  • Sensor for acquisition of GPS coordinates and therefore exact localizing of the data logger (RC model)
  • Extreme high acquisition rate up to 10Hz (10 samples per second)
  • Built-In patch. WAAS and EGNOS support
  • Built-in battery backup for fast fix reacquisition
  • Time to Fix: 1 second hot, 36 second cold (typ)
  • Speed Accuracy approx 0.1 m/s (0.36km/h)
  • Sensitivity approx. -165dBm
  • Position accuracy approx 8.2 ft (2.5m) CEP with WAAS/EGNOS
  • Direct connection to USB Datalogger or the Micropower E-Logger V3
  • Recording of latitude/longitude, speed over ground, GPS height, distance to pilot, heading, UTC time stamp

Delivery includes operating instructions (English)
For this article the following documents are available for download (Acrobat PDF):


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