Eagle Tree USB Glide Data Recorder GDR-STD-KIT

Pakket Sailplane Variometer and Data Logging

Eagle Tree USB Glide Data Recorder GDR-STD-KIT
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USB Glide Data Recorder
  • Glider flight data recorder for storing diverse measured values during operation
  • Recording, with the help of accompanying sensors, of:
  • Receiver battery voltage
  • Flight height (0 up to 9750m/32200’, 0.3m/1’ resolution)
  • Flight speed (3.2km/h /2M/h up to 464km/h /290M/h)
  • Sink rate recording function for polar and L/D calculation
  • Adjustable sampling rate (up to 10 samples per second), lossless data compression
  • Recording duration depending on number of sensors and sample rate approx. 30 to 50 minutes
  • Optional sensors for electrical motor currents and voltages, GPS coordinates, g-forces, exhausted temperature, cylinder head temperature, additional RPM sensors or analog voltages, as well as turbine data (e.g. JetCat) available and connectable
  • Using the Seagull Telemetry set, data can be send to a ground station online: vario meter with changing sound, alarm warnings for all parameter freely programmable and so on
  • USB-Interface for connection to a PC
  • Supports the "USB Live Mode": You can watch at your PC what happens in your model on your workbench in real time
  • Software reads out and displays all data recorded during operation graphically as well as numerically
  • Supply voltage range 4.35V up to 7V at approx. 35mA current consumption

In  the BOX:
USB Glider Data Recorder,
4 pieces Y cable (Futaba),
Pitot tube,
Pitot plastic tube connection part,
USB connector cable,
CD-ROM including Windows-Software, operating instructions (English)

For this article the following documents are available for download (Acrobat PDF):


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