FUTABA F-14 4/8/1 R168DF 40MHz nr.P-CBF14N

Pakket Met Dual Conversion FM ontvanger voor zekere signaalverwerking

FUTABA  F-14   4/8/1  R168DF 40MHz  nr.P-CBF14N
FUTABA  F-14   4/8/1  R168DF 40MHz  nr.P-CBF14N
FUTABA  F-14   4/8/1  R168DF 40MHz  nr.P-CBF14N
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FUTABA F14   4/8/1  40MHZ  nr . P-CBF14N

LET OP: ontvanger niet geschikt voor normale kristallen!
Hier zijn Dual Conversion kristallen nodig.

Zie ook toebehoren onderaan deze site!

LET OP: zenderaccu aansluiting in de nieuwe RIPMAX versie is gewijzigd naar servostekker.
Voor zender accu nr. 4575

The expandable RC-System
The F-14 is a universal radio system in tray-type design of the successful and proven F-series and features 5 option wells for expansion to suit individual needs. The transmitter can be expanded to 16 functions (8 channels) by adding optional switched and proportional channels, and a range of optional modules can be fitted such as Multi-Switch, Multi-Prop, Dual-Rates and Mini Options to meet the requirements of the more demanding user.
The new features of the F-14

  • Basic transmitter can be expanded to 16 functions with 2 proportional sliders and 2 switched channels.
  • Multi-Switch, Multi-Prop or Multi-Switch-Prop channel expansion to 5 prop + 48 multi-channels = 106 Functions
  • No Multi-Adapter necessary
  • Prepared for front installation of the Trainer Module 4 for teacher-pupil operation with almost all robbe-Futaba transmitters
  • 5 option well now also suitable for Multi- Module with 8 control elements.
  • Optional helical aerial
  • Servo reverse and programmable sequence of control functions.
  • Large battery compartment for batteries up to 2000 mAh = over 10 hours operational time.
  • Single-point attachment lug for neckstrap; transmitter can also be used in a tray.

more Specifications:
Dimensions: 230 x 200 x 50 mm
Functions: 8 / 4 Servos
Function expansion: 8 / 4 Servos
Power supply: 9.6 V NC-Battery
Power consumption: 40 / 200 mA
w./o. RF circuit
Special functions: Channel expansions via Multi-Module, Mini Option, Dual Rate
Weight: 600 g

Frequency band: 40.00
Channel spacing: 10 kHz
Spotfrequencies: 22.00
Transmission system: FM
Current +/- 200mA

Kit contents:
  • 1 Transmitter F-14
  • 1 Receiver R-168DF
  • 1 Servo S 148
  • 1 Servo accessory bag
  • 1 Switch harness with charge socket
  • 1 Pair of crystals


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