Futaba S3107 Nano 11mm 1,2kg Leimbach ventiel F1291

Envelop Was Robbe F1291 voor Leimbach ventielen

Futaba S3107 Nano  11mm 1,2kg Leimbach ventiel F1291
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Fabrikant FUTABA
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Wordt ook veel gebruikt bij Hydrauliek ventielsturing Leimbach-Robbe

Small, low-cost, high-speed servo of the "Nano" class, for indoor, park-fly and slow-fly models, hand-launch gliders and other small model aircraft where minimum servo size is a must. Nevertheless powerful and robust enough for applications in medium-sized model aircraft and electric micro-helicopters.
Set includes a 20 mm servo output disc and cruciform lever, plus fittings.

Dimensions: 21.8 x 11 x 19.8 mm
Mass/weight: 9.50 pond/g
Operating voltage: 4,8 Volts

Torque: 12.00 Ncm

Transit speed: 0.09 Sec/45°


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