General Air Module 2-14S, Vario GRAUPNER 33620


General Air Module 2-14S, Vario GRAUPNER 33620
General Air Module 2-14S, Vario GRAUPNER 33620
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Fabrikant Graupner
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General sensor for Graupner HoTT receiver and models with electric motor.

  • Vario with altitude signals and climb/drop signals plus additional warning thresholds for minimum altitude, maximum altitude, climb/drop speed in two stages
  • Altitude display (- 500 ... + 3000 m) and storage of minimum and maximum altitude
  • 2x temperature and voltage measurements with warning thresholds for min/max voltage and min/max temperature
  • Single cell measurement 2 ... 14S with warning threshold for minimum voltage
  • Voltage, current, and capacity measurement with warning thresholds for min/max voltage, max capacity, and max current
  • Current limiting programmable
  • Messurment of thecurrent with shunt resistors 2x 0.2 mOhm (5 W) parallel = 0.1 mOhm
  • Warning time can be set to: OFF, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 seconds, always
  • Warning repeat time can be set to: always, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes, once

Connections and Technical data Vario:
2x temperature selectively 0 to 120°C or 200°C and voltage measurement up to 60 V DC
1x speed controller input, 1x speed controller output for single cell undervoltage correction
1x current and voltage and capacity measurement up to 150 A (short-term 1 sec 320 A) and up to 60 V DC
1x single cell monitoring for 2 - 14S lithium batteries (LiPo, LiIo, LiFe)
1x telemetry connection for receiver
Altitude measurement: -500 m ... +3000 m
Resolution: 0.1m
Vario sensitivity: 0.5 m/3 s, 1 m/3 s, 0.5 m/s, 1 m/1 s, 3 m/s programmable by tone
Average calculation: 4 - 20 measurements programmable per measurement value

Dimensions (LxWxH): 51 x 47 x 18 mm
Operating voltage : 3,6 ... 8,4 V

Download Video Updateanleitung
Download HoTT Software und Updates (60,12 MB)
Download Anleitung (4,46 MB)

Important Note when using the modules 33600, 33601, 33610, 33611 and 33620:
Do not carry out any programming work on the sensors while the model is flying,
otherwise there is a real risk that your model will fly out of control while you are not concentrating on it!
If your model is fitted with two or more receivers, it is absolutely essential that you do not carry out programming work during a flight,
as this can alter the settings in the receivers to which no telemetry equipment is connected; in the worst case this could result in the model crashing!
For this reason always carry out programming on the ground, and check that only the receiver with connected sensor is powered on.


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