Glasvezelpen Reserve stift 4mm 29901 per stuk


Glasvezelpen  Reserve stift 4mm  29901 per stuk
Glasvezelpen  Reserve stift 4mm  29901 per stuk
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Modelcraft Glass Fibre Refills for Propellant Pencil (4mm) x 1 stuks

Ideal for working with metal, wood, plastics and a host of other materials.
For de-rusting, deburring & cleaning.
Glass fibre refills are perfect for precise and effective material removal and the brass refills are used for more abrasive applications.

We offer 2 types of refills for PBU1019/1 Propellant Pencil:

PBU1019/2/10 10 x 4mm Glass fibre refills (perfect for precise and effective material removal)
PBU1020/2/10 10 x 4mm Brass refills (for more abrasive applications)

Glass Fibre Abrasives

The Modelcraft Collection includes a selection Glass Fibre Abraders, from precise 2mm & 4mm pencils to a 10mm brush for larger areas.
These excellent tools are great for cleaning & de-rusting, deburring, polishing & burnishing, surface preparation, erasing & removing.

The SHESTO Modelcraft Collection is a comprehensive range of useful, often hard to find precision tools and accessories essential for any tool box.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT Touch Glass Fibre Tip


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