Graupner SPEED 320-7,2 V bestnr. 6379


Graupner SPEED 320-7,2 V  bestnr. 6379
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Product information
Product information High-revving SPEED-series motor for small model aeroplanes such as the NEMESIS, in conjunction with max. two Li-Po cells of around 240 mAh capacity.
Suitable propeller: CAM SPEED PROP, Order No. 1361.10.8.

Specification Nominal voltage 7.2 V
Operating voltage range 3.7...7.4 V
No-load speed approx. 21,000 rpm
No-load current drain approx. 0.3 A
Current drain at max. efficiency approx. 2.0 A
Stall current approx. 12 A
Maximum efficiency excl. gearbox approx. 57 %
Permissible rot. direction L and R
Case length excl. shaft 32 mm
Case diameter 15.5 / 20.5 mm
Free shaft length 8 mm
Shaft diameter 2.0 mm
Weight 32 g

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