JETI Mezon 95 opto RPM, JM-95-O-RPM

Pakket incl. RPM sensor output for FBL system with Governormode (like Mikado V-Bar for example)

JETI Mezon 95 opto RPM, JM-95-O-RPM
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Fabrikant JETI
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The brand new line of Jeti MEZON ESCs target mainly professionals and pilots looking for uncompromised precision and quality.
The MEZON ESCs combine new revolutionary design with Jeti's state of the art manufacturing capabilities.

Jeti MEZON ESC's advanced design and software are capable of unmatched precision and efficient motor management.
With DUPLEX integration all data is measured in real time.
Mezon ESCs were designed with a revolutionary BEC circuit capable measuring the exact battery capacity used and lets you set up a motor cut off point
based not only on cell voltage but also on overall battery pack capacity.
This function, combined with Jeti DUPLEX system, offers you full telemetry capabilities with the possibility of saving your data for further analysis.

Advanced Helicopter features include governor with Active Free Wheel and Fast Response mode.

Mezon 95 opto RPM
incl. RPM sensor output for FBL system with Governormode (like Mikado V-Bar for example)

Continuous Current: 95A -Burst 300A
Voltage range: 5 - 51V
LiPo : 2-12 cells
LiFe : 2-14 cells
Dimensions :  36x20x109mm
Weight : 120gr
Optocoupler , no BEC , separate supply of the radio gear required

- Compact size
- Alloy housing
-Real - time telemetry
-Data recording
- New method for speed control
-higher - efficiency
-Firmware Upgrade Available
-with PC - programmable
-with programmable Jeti Box
-Modes : air , helicopter , ship
- protection mechanism
- active coasting
- wide range of adjustable parameters


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