Jeti Spin 22 BL Controller met geschakelde BEC, SPIN22


Jeti Spin 22 BL Controller met geschakelde BEC, SPIN22
Jeti Spin 22 BL Controller met geschakelde BEC, SPIN22
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Fabrikant JETI
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The Jeti Spin 22 electronic speed control for brushless motors is equippped with a switching BEC,
which allows more servos to be used than with a speed controller having a standard BEC (usually a linear BEC).
This is especially important for higher cell counts.

During Flight, Spin controllers automatically record various parameters of your power system,
such as minimum/maximum controller temperature, RPM and current draw.
These values can be viewed on the Jeti Box after a Flight and are particular useful when tweaking your electric power system for the best configuration.

Furthermore, the Jeti Spin range of electronic speed controls are programmable via the Jeti box.
The Jeti box is a small gadget with a display, very much like other popular programming boxes, but is more universal.
The Jeti box actually works as a two-way terminal with all data stored within the Spin controller.
Please ensure the speed controller settings are correct for your motor before running.
For all AXi motors, use the preset Acro outrunner.

Technical Details for Jeti SPIN 22
No. of cells (LiPo)
No. of cells (LiFe)

No. of cells (NiXX)
Max. continuous current
Dimensions (x,y,z in mm)
Continuous BEC Current
Max BEC Current
Jeti Box Compatible (JBC)
18g (1.1oz.)

The Jetispin22  with the JetiBox.
The combination has proved so versatile,
it's provided me with superb data logging which has allowed me to evaluate different motor
KV's & pinions to get the maximum flight times from my batteries.
I've now arrived at a motor/pinion & head setup where I constantly get 13+ min cruise times from a set of 3 cheap 2000mah Chinese LiPo's.
It enables the user to experiment with factors such as motor timings & PWM frequencies, then instantly compare data after the flights
- a great little combination to get the best out of your drive system.

Please find below information on the correct settings to use with Jeti Spin controllers and AXi motors.
  • Use AUTO SETUP and choose Mode 2 outrunner for optimal basic settings
  • If fine tuning of your power system is required, use Manual Setting with the following options:
  • Timing: 24°
  • Frequency: 8kHz
  • Number of Poles: 14 (see note)
  • Other parameters can be set according to your requirements. Please ensure the Jeti Spin instructions are followed at all times.
  • For the AXi 2217/5H set the number of poles to 8. All other AXi motors have 14 poles.
When using Castle Creations speed controllers, the timing should be set to high advance.


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