Graupner CAM FOLDING Klap Prop 7"x 4" nr.1336.18.10

Envelop Klap Propellor 7"x 4" 2st E-Zwever

Graupner CAM FOLDING Klap Prop 7"x 4"   nr.1336.18.10
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Fabrikant Graupner
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Klap Propellor 2st   E-Zwever

CAM FOLDING PROP propeller blades
The propeller blades, which are supplied in packs of 2, can be used as individual blades or
combined with the spinners, which are also available to purchase separately.
Very good efficiency and wide working range
A blade profile calculated especially for each blade is the prerequisite for the best possible aerodynamics
CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) guarantees tight tolerances and top precision

Wide blade root: 8 mm
Diameter / Pitch: 18 x 10 cm
Diameter / Pitch (Inch): 7 x 4 "
Rotating direction: R
Piece/Pack: 1 Paar
Diameter / bore : 2,1 mm
Bore: 2,1 mm

Bevestigingschroeven altijd met drupje borgmiddel zekeren.
Bijv Graupner Loctide nr. 951 of 951.1 of UHU nr. 952


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