APC SPEED Elektro Propellor, 6,5" x 6,0" 72107

Envelop Asgat 6mm en voorkant 5mm, pas dus op adapters met M5 en M6

APC SPEED Elektro Propellor, 6,5" x 6,0"  72107
4.75 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
Fabrikant APC PROPS
Op voorraad
Propeller 6,5x 6,0 APC SPEED Elektro
Diameter x Pitch in inches: 6,5 x 6,0"
Diameter X Pitch in cm: 16,5 x 15,2cm
Gewicht  +/- 16gr

The maximum permissable rotational speed for
propellers is 200 m/sec..
The maximum resulting  r.p.m. rate which results can be calculated using the following formula:
n=382000 : d (d = diameter of the propeller in centimeters.).

Example for a propeller diameter of 25 cm:
382000 : 25 = 15280 r.p.m.
It should be noted here that the rate of r.p.m. can
increase 10% during flight, therefore the stationary
r.p.m. should not exceed 13750 r.p.m.. Furthermore,
it must be noted that these ratings are only valid in
the case of new, undamaged propellers.