JETI EnLink 2RS Intelligent Switch 2 stuks

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JETI  EnLink 2RS Intelligent Switch  2 stuks
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Fabrikant JETI
ArtikelcodeEnlink 2RS
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JETImodel Enlink 2RS - 2 pcs.
Technical Data ENLINK 2RS:
Recommended input voltage: 5 – 8.4 V
Maximum input voltage: 16 V
Power consumption: Typ. 6.5mA
Output burst current: 12 A
Output continuous current: 3 A
Maximum connected servos: 2
Operating temperature: - 20°C till +85°C
Weight. 11 g
Dimensions: 38 x 12 x 6.5 mm

The Jeti EnLink 2RS is an intelligent switch for redundant control of 1-2 servos.
Using parallel Duplex receivers (Or one Duplex receiver and a 35mhz receiver),
the Enlink 2RS connects to both receivers and provides a redundant signal and power-supply for the attached servo.
Two servos can be connected, where both servos serve exactly the same function.

The Enlink 2RS units are sold in pairs. The quoted price is thus for two units.

The ENLINK 2RS is designed to increase the maximum safety and reliability of model radios.
A marked increase in reliability has always been achieved by parallel operation of systems which as far as possible are disconnected from each other to provide independent operation and separation from those components which could fail.
Whenever components are connected in series, however reliable they may be, there is always a degradation in reliability.
ENLINK 2RS has been designed in such a way as to compliment these findings, thus providing the maximum increase in safety and reliability during operation.
Because the ENLINK is connected in series within the radio system, it can be considered to reduce reliability, however, this is only the case for the function being controlled and not the whole system.
If every servo within the model is connected over ENLINK 2RS, the reliability is increased massively.
ENLINK 2RS is essentially an intelligent switch for power signals and power supply.
It is indended primarily for operation in models where two receivers are connected in parallel, e.g. a working Duplex and REX FM receiver, or two Duplex receivers.
ENLINK 2RS eliminates signal losses on individual inputs.
In case of complete signal failure, ENLINK 2RS goes into a default mode.
For correct operation of ENLINK 2RS, it is necessary to set the receiver such that in the case of signal loss, no signal is generated on the receiver output, e.g. repeat last signal or activate fail-safe.
ENLINK 2RS can be used without further programming or configuration, but with the help of the Jeti Box terminal it is possible to alter the parameters and behaviour of the unit and also view statistics of any input signal failure.


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