Jeti Toerentellersensor Duplex voor Brushless, MRPM-AC EX


Jeti Toerentellersensor Duplex voor Brushless,  MRPM-AC EX
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Fabrikant JETI
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This is the AC version of the RPM sensor,
which allows motor RPM and propeller power input to be monitored by monitoring the current in two of the three wires to your brushless motor.
In order to obtain accurate readings, this unit requires the following values to be entered via your Jeti Box: -
– Number of motor poles (For most AXi motors this is 14, but please check with us if you are unsure)
– N-100 Value – Constant value indicating the speed of the propeller when it is drawing 100 watts of power
The unit is fitted simply by connecting the two output wires to two of the three motor input wires of your brushless motor.
This unit is suitable for applications where the optical version of the Duplex RPM sensor cannot be used due to space or mounting constraints.


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