JETI Spanning- stroomsensor Duplex EX System 200A , MUI-200


JETI Spanning- stroomsensor Duplex EX System 200A , MUI-200
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Fabrikant JETI
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The Jeti Duplex MUI 200 is a voltage and current sensor, compatible with all Jeti Duplex receivers,
suitable for measuring currents up to 200A and voltages up to 60V.
MUI Sensors report the current-draw of your power setup in amps and also report the actual capacity used in mAh.

Assignment of the MUI sensor is measurement of voltage, current and consumed capacity of
flight batteries in the model. The wireless data transmission by the DUPLEX 2,4GHz system is
monitored by the JETIBOX terminal.
For communication purposes the Duplex system takes advantage of the 2,4 GHz band, which
besides sending remote control data to the model also receives data from the model back to the
transmitter. During flight obtained telemetric data are transmitted in real time and the actual values
of the measured data can be displayed on the JETIBOX LCD. Telemetric MUI sensors execute
voltage and current measurements in your model and transmit these informations with the aid of the
DUPLEX system (receivers and transmitter modules).


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