JETI MALti Duplex EX sensor Hoogte, Vario

Envelop Jeti Duplex EX MAlti REV2 hoogtemeter via druksensor 0,1m nauwkeurig

JETI  MALti Duplex EX sensor Hoogte, Vario
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Jeti MAlti is a light-weight (5 grams) atmospheric pressure sensor which calculates the altitude of your model aircraft above sea-level and relative altitude above the ground to a resolution of 0.1 metres.
The sensor data can be transmitted via your Jeti receiver to your Jeti transmitter or Jeti Box Profi.

Features of MAlti EX at a glance: -
Measures pressure, altitude and temperature.
Can be configured through Device Explorer in compatible transmitters (DC/DS-14/16)
Alarm signals via a Jeti Tx module (EU only) or Jeti Box Profi.
MAlti is compatible with the Jeti EX-Bus protocol
Firmware updates can be applied using the Jeti USB adaptor

Notes for installation of MAlti:
As this device is a very sensitive pressure sensor,
care should be taken to mount MAlti away such that it is not affected by changes in air pressure within your model aircraft,
you should mount it where it will only be influenced by static atmospheric pressure.

Please also mount MAlti away from sources of heat such as engines, motors, batteries and ESCs as these influences will cause a change in pressure and thus in the reported altitude.

Weight [g]        4
Dimensions [mm]        28 x 16 x 5
Operational temperature [°C]        -10 ... 85
Supply Voltage [V]        3.5 ... 8,4
Average Current [mA]        15

Technical data  MAlti
Resolution of measured height 0.1m
Measurement range  300÷1100hPa


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