Graupner 945.19 Lexacolor Sprühlack, karminrot,150ml RAL9005


Graupner 945.19 Lexacolor Sprühlack, karminrot,150ml RAL9005
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Fabrikant Graupner
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Product information
Fast drying, fuelproof spray paint for plastics such as Lexan, ABS and PVC, as well as wood, metal and paper.
Ideal for painting clear bodywork mouldings of model cars.
Touch-dry in just 5 minutes.
No tendency to flake off or split on Lexan mouldings.
The round spray pattern and fine atomisation produce a very smooth, even surface.
An outstanding feature of this paint is that it is completely fuelproof, resisting all standard model fuels such as those containing methanol and methanol / nitro-methane mixtures in any ratio.

150 ml spray can.


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