JETI SBEC 30 D EX, in 6-59V , uit 5-8,4V Bec w Telemetry

Pakket Ook voor HV servo's geheel instelbare spanning, telemetrie via zender

JETI SBEC 30 D EX,  in 6-59V , uit 5-8,4V  Bec w Telemetry
JETI SBEC 30 D EX,  in 6-59V , uit 5-8,4V  Bec w Telemetry
JETI SBEC 30 D EX,  in 6-59V , uit 5-8,4V  Bec w Telemetry
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Fabrikant JETI
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SBEC  30 D

  • - AAN/UIT schakelen- via zender
  • - ingebouwde expander geschikt voor 2  telemetrie sensoren extra
  • - Waarden uitgang via Jumper of in te stellen via zender.
  • - wordt geleverd inclusief Magnetic switch
  • - Updates firmware via USBa

BEC                        Jeti SBEC 30 D
Manufacturer                Jeti Model
Type                        Switching Regulator w/Telemetry
Max Input Voltage        59V (16S)
Min Input Voltage        6V (2S)
Output Voltage                5-8.4V Adjustable (0.1V Steps)
Output Current                8.2A Continues/30A Peak
Dimensions                72mm x 28mm x 14mm
Weight                        50g
Max #Servos                10-20 Analog, 8-15 Digital
Connector                Universal JR/Hitec/Futaba
Applications                Airplanes/Helicopters

Brand new Jeti SBEC 30 D EX (2-16S) switching regulator with telemetry gives you exact data about your servos regarding your on-board radio system current (A) and power (mAh) consumption.
The SBEC 30 D EX also can help you indirectly identify possible servo problems (max current increase) and give you the opportunity to resolve any issues before a possible catastrophic failure.
Another advantage of having live on-board telemetry is the ability to fine tune the setup of multiple servo surfaces as out of sync servos will fight each other and increase current consumption.
The SBEC 30 comes with universal 4-port magnetic switch.

Select output voltage using Transmitter Devices Explorer: 5-8.4V adjustable in 0.1V steps

For the first time ever, your models receiver system can be turned ON/OFF with a simple flip of the switch, wirelessly from the Jeti DC/DS transmitters.
The R3/RSW receiver fully replaces Jeti Magnetic Switch which is widely used with Jeti Voltage Regulators as well as their Electronic Switches.
Simply cut or unplug the existing switch (Install a Male JR type connector if needed), and connect your device to the #3 port of the R3/RSW receiver (Must be used with High Voltage Inline Regulator HVR 1W 9.5-59V).

Expander Setting
Due to its flexibility, the SBEC 30 allows connection of up to two additional sensors.
SBEC 30 then acts as an Expander and sends its own telemetry to the receiver together with the telemetry of connected sensors.
You can connect the speedometer MSpeed for speed compensation (TEK) or any other sensor to any port (Ext1 or Ext2).

Logical Sensor
SBEC 30 D EX can be configured as a sensor of logic levels (log. 0 or log. 1).
If you want to be informed whether the landing gear is properly secured, the logic inputs function is very convenient.
Simply connect the limit switch as shown - between the signal wire and the ground (-) and you will know immediately whether the switch is ON or OFF.


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